Java Fax – Mark inbound faxes as unread and resend notification emails

This is a more advanced Java code sample to show how to retrieve information for a specific inbound fax, resend the email notifications for this fax and mark this fax as “unread”. This code sample is based on the Java library for InterFAX available on Github.

If the user preferences are set to do so, InterFAX will send out email notifications to the user when a new inbound fax is received in the system.

This sample demonstrates how to retrieve the information regarding a specific inbound fax by using its fax ID (You can retrieve the fax ID by using the sample code for checking on inbound faxes or by integrating the inbound callback) and then resending the email notifications for this fax and finally, marking the fax as “unread” (new).
Once a fax is marked as “unread” (new), the fax will keep showing up when querying the list of new inbound faxes.