Get record

Retrieves a single fax’s metadata (receive time, sender number, etc.).

GET /inbound/faxes/{id}


Name Type Comments Default
id Number The transaction ID of the fax data to be retrieved. None, mandatory


If successful, returns the following structure:

Name Type Description
userId String The username that received this transaction
messageId Integer The internal ID assigned for this transaction
phoneNumber String The Phone number at which this fax was received
remoteCSID String The CSID of the sender
messageStatus Integer Status of the fax. See the list of InterFAX Error Codes
Pages Integer The number of pages received in this fax.
messageSize Integer The size of the inbound fax image (in bytes)
messageType Integer The type of message. Currently sends out static ‘1’.
receiveTime DateTime The time and date that the fax was received
(formatted as dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss). Times listed are GMT.
callerId String The caller ID of the sender
recordingDuration Integer The time (in seconds) that it took to receive the fax
imageStatus String Indicates the status of the fax image – possible values are “UNREAD”, “READ” and “DONT_EXIST”
numOfEmails Integer The number of email address that this fax should have been sent to once received
numOfFailedEmails Integer The number of email addresses that had failed delivery of the fax by email

Sample Call


GET /inbound/faxes/229167854 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=


curl "" ^
	-u username:password

Sample response (prettified for display here)