REST API Endpoint

The REST API URI takes on the following forms:{resource}[/{operation}]


  • {version} is the version of the API being operated on. Use current to always work against the most current version of the API.
  • {resource} is the name of the resource being operated on, such as inbound/fax or outbound/batch.
  • [operation] is an operation on the resource, such as mark or cancel.
  • Optional items are enclosed in square braces and unbolded.

The URL may be followed by the query parameters, which take the form argument=value, where the arguments and values must be url-encoded. Multiple parameters are separated by an ampersand (&). The following example shows the URL for sending a fax to a certain number and forcing its paper size to “Letter” (shown here before url-encoding for readability):

The API documentation for each operation provides its URI and lists all of the mandatory and optional parameters, in addition to describing the response structure, return headers, etc.