Get batch list

Retrieve a list of outbound batches.

GET /outbound/batches[?lastId={number}&limit={number}&sortOrder={asc|desc}&allUsers={true|false}]


(bold if mandatory)
Type Comments Default
lastId Number Return results from this ID onwards (not including this ID). Used for pagination.
limit Number How many transactions to return. 25
sortOrder String asc or desc. desc
allUsers Boolean Return results for all accounts users (or for current user only)? false


If successful, an array of outbound fax structure is returned that includes the following properties:

Name Type Description
batchHeadId Number Unique identifier for the batch.
userId String The submitting user.
numOfTransactions Number Number of child faxes in batch
submitTime DateTime Submission time of the batch
replyEmail Email E-mail address for confirmation message.
reference String A name or other optional identifier.
pagesSubmitted Number Total number of pages submitted.
senderCSID String Sender’s fax ID.
pageSize String A4LetterLegal, or B4
pageOrientation String Portrait or Landscape
pageResolution String Standard or Fine
renderingQuality String Standard (optimize for black & white) or Fine (optimize for grayscale)
pageHeader String The fax header text inserted at the top of the page.
attemptsToPerform Number Maximum number of transmission attempts requested in case of fax transmission failure.

Sample Calls


GET /outbound/batches?limit=10&sortOrder=asc HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=


Return up to 10 results and sort by asc

curl "" ^
	-u username:password

Return batches for all users in the account

curl "" ^
	-u username:password

Sample response (prettified for display here)

   "reference":"FW: TEST",