Create a document upload session.

POST /outbound/documents?size={number}&name={string}[&disposition={singleUse|multiUse|permanent} &sharing={private|shared}]


Name (bold if mandatory) Type Comments Default
size Number Size of the document to be uploaded (in bytes) None, mandatory
name String The document file name, which can subsequently be queried with the Get fax list operation. The filename must end with an extension defining the file type, e.g. dailyrates.docx or newsletter.pdf, and the file type must be in the list of supported file types. None, mandatory
disposition String This sets the retention policy of the uploaded document, that is, how long it can be used by the POST /outbound/faxes operationSingleUse = can be used once, MultiUse = deleted 60 minutes after the last usage , or Permanent = remains available until removed. SingleUse
sharing String Private or Shared. private


If successful, the HTTP Location header contains the fully-qualifed URI of the newly-created fax resource, e.g. Location:

Response Codes

Standard HTTP response codes apply.

Response Code Meaning
415 UNSUPPORTED MEDIA TYPE The file type you’re trying to upload isn’t in the list of supported file types.
413 REQUEST ENTITY TOO LARGE The file size is too large. See System Limitations.

Sample Calls


POST /outbound/documents?size=42681&name=dailyrates.pdf HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=


Create shared PDF session

curl "" ^
	-X POST ^
	-H content-length:0 ^
	-u username:password