Get list

Get a list of previous document uploads which are currently available.

GET /outbound/documents[?limit={number}&offset={number}]


Name (bold if mandatory) Type Comments Default
limit Number How many document references to return. 25
offset Number Skip this many document references in the list. 0


If successful, a structure listing previous documents is returned, containing the following properties:

Property Type Description
userId String Username under which document was created.
fileName String The filename provided when the document was uploaded, e.g. newsletter.pdf
fileSize Number The planned size in bytes of the document.
uploaded Number The number of bytes actually uploaded.
uri String Fully-qualified resource URI of the document.
creationTime DateTime
lastUsageTime DateTime
status String CreatedPartiallyUploadedUploadingReadyDeleting
disposition String SingleUseMultiUsePermanent
sharing String PrivateShared

Sample Call


GET /outbound/documents HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=


Get a list of previous document uploads. Limit to 3 results and skip 5 documents each time.

curl "" ^
	-u username:password

Sample response (prettified for display here)