ASP.NET Fax – Get Fax Information with FaxQuery (VB.NET code)

In this sample, you use the FaxQuery method to send and check the status of one or more faxes from ASP.NET, using VB.NET fax code (.aspx.vb extension). FaxQuery provides more advanced querying options compared to FaxStatus (for more details, see Side-by-side Comparison of Web Service Methods).

The ASP.NET fax code snippet below (which can be found in the FaxQuery.aspx.vb file under the project folder), asks for the transmission ID of a submitted fax, and returns the fax information:

 Dim username As String = "my username"
        Dim password As String = "my password"
        Dim faxnumber As String = "+442079876543"
        Dim faxcontents As String = "This is my text"
        Dim ifws As New interfax.InterFax()
        Dim st As Long = ifws.SendCharFax(username, password, faxnumber, faxcontents, "txt")
        Response.Write("Status is " & st)