Receive outgoing fax confirmations via callback to your web app

You can select to receive fax status notifications directly to your system by callback. When this feature is set, InterFAX places a call to a pre-defined web application URL of yours once the processing of an outbound fax is completed. Your web application should be capable of accepting either an HTTP POST call or a XML Web Service (SOAP) call – based on your preference.

You can also set the system to send you notifications on new inbound faxes. For more information, please read the inbound callback documentation.

Preparatory steps

HTTP POST callback

To receive HTTP POST callbacks to a simple script on your server, no preparation is necessary. Skip to “Setting up the callback” below.

SOAP callback

To receive callbacks to a SOAP server, perform these setup steps:

  1. Set up a web application that is capable of accepting callbacks on your server.
    • If you set up a SOAP server, its namespace should be (namespace is case sensitive, this is the expected WSDL).
  2. The web application should contain a web method named “Outbound”.
  3. The web method should return a string -> “OK”.

Setting up the callback

Login to your InterFAX account and go to Preferences -> Outgoing -> Feedback. Find and set the following settings under Advanced Options -> Web Feedback:

Parameter name Parameter type Description
CompletionTime DateTime The time and date that the fax was completed, in time zone GMT.
When returned via HTTP POST: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.
When returned via Web Service: ISO-8601 compliant.
Contact String The name of the contact – if provided in the outgoing fax.
CostPerUnit Decimal The cost for each unit, in account currency. Multiply this by ‘Units’ (below) to get the cost of the fax.
DeleteAfterUsage String Whether the fax image is to be deleted after the fax has been completed or not (for enhanced security).
DestinationFax String The number that the fax was sent to
Duration Integer The time (in seconds) that it took to send the fax.
Transmission time in seconds.
JobID String Reserved for future use.
MessageID String Reserved for future use.
Mode String Reserved for future use.
NumOfTransactions Integer The number of transactions in the parent transaction.
PageHeader String The fax header text inserted at the top of the page.
PageOrientation String The orientation that the page was set.
portrait or landscape
PageResolution String The resolution that the page was set.
standard or fine
PageSize String The page size that was sent.
a4letterlegal or b4
PagesSent Integer The number of pages that were sent successfully.
PagesSubmitted Integer Total number of pages submitted.
ParentTransactionID Long If the fax was part of a list, then this field will show the transaction ID of the list.
PostponeTime DateTime The date and time that the fax was postponed to, in time zone GMT.
Returns zeros if no value set.
When returned via HTTP POST: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.
When returned via Web Service: ISO-8601 compliant.
Priority Integer The priority this fax received.
For internal use.
RemoteCSID String The CSID of the Receiving party (up to 20 characters).
RenderingQuality String The quality of the rendering – high or low.
ReplyEmail String E-mail address for confirmation message.
RetriesInterval Integer The interval to wait between each attempt.
RetriesToPerform Integer The number of retries to do.
SenderCSID String The CSID of the sender.
Status Integer Status of the fax.
See the list of InterFAX Error Codes.
Generally, 0= OK; greater than 0 = Error
Subject String The subject of the fax.
SubmitTime DateTime The date and time, in GMT timezone, when the fax was received in the InterFAX system.
When returned via HTTP POST: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.
When returned via Web Service: ISO-8601 compliant.
TrialsPerformed Integer Maximum number of transmission attempts requested in case of fax transmission failure.
Units Decimal Duration units required to send the fax.
Multiply this by ‘CostPerUnit’ (above) to get the cost of the fax.
UserData String Reserved for future use.
UserID String The user name that sent the fax.
TransactionID Long A unique identifier for the fax.