This page provides documentation of the most common issues and solutions related to the FAXCOMEXLib library, taken from major developer forums on the web, with links to the original forum discussions.

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FAXCOMEXLib – Common Problems

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General Installation Problems Cannot install or locate the FAXCOMEXLib library.
FAXCOMEXLib with .NET/C# causes Operation Failed Error Attempts at creating a fax service using .NET or C# cause an Operation Failed error.
Problem with event registering (.NET) When creating an automated Microsoft fax service that will monitor and route received faxes, no events are registered.
FAXCOMEXLib fails to retrieve fax status events (C#) Creating a fax service doesn’t raise FaxJobStatus events correctly, however registering one event at a time works.
Faxing PDF from web page generates timeout message (.NET) When creating a Web page allowing users to send faxes and generate text documents or PDFs, sending a PDF does not work and slows down the server, generating a timeout message for the client.
Sending faxes on Windows Server 2008 causes invalid operation error (.NET) When attempting to install a fax service on a Windows Server 2008 R2 that was previously installed on a Windows Server 2003, sending faxes programmatically fails, causing Invalid Operation errors (using the fax as a shared printer works).
FAXCOMEXLib issues related to Microsoft Fax Server version support Problems with fax service creation are sometimes related to more basic problems with the Microsoft fax server version. This page explains which Microsoft fax server/client versions are supported with other Microsoft fax server/client versions.