FAXCOMEXLib – Invalid Operation Error on Windows Server 2008 (.NET) – Problem and Solution


This page discusses a scenario in which a fax service is being installed on Windows Server 2008 R2, which was previously installed on a Windows Server 2003. Sending faxes worked on the 2003 server. On the 2008 server, sending faxes using the fax as a shared printer works, but sending them programmatically fails, causing Invalid Operation errors.

The following line of code works on 2003 and fails in 2008:

JobIDs = (System.Array) faxDoc.ConnectedSubmit(faxServer);


The problem is that both the old fax (\OldServer\Fax) and the new fax (\NewServer\Fax) exist on the client machine. Remove the old fax, and the code should work.

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