Get received documents

Retrieves list of documents for the user

GET /documents/search?Index={INDEX}&Count={COUNT}&Status={STATUS}


Name (bold if mandatory) Type Comments Default
index integer Get received documents list starting from this number 0 (starting from the last received document)
count integer Limit the search results to this number of received documents All documents
status integer Received document status: ‘New’ / ‘Deleted’ / ‘Archived’ / ‘Purged’ All documents


If successful, a structure listing contacts is returned, containing the following properties:

Property Type Description
Id Long The internal document ID assigned for this document
OwnerUserId String The username that received this document
OwnerEmailAddress String Email address of the document owner
DocStatus DocumentStatus Received document status: ‘New’ / ‘Deleted’ / ‘Archive’ / ‘Purged’
Name String Document name
UniqueReference String Document’s unique reference
ReceivedTime dateTime The time that the document was received
Type DocumentType Received document type: ‘InboundFax’ / ‘Upload’ / ‘InboundEmail’ / ‘InternalUpload’
TimeStamp dateTime
ReceivedOn dateTime
DisplayTimeStamp String
DisplayFullDateTime String
DisplaySharedTime String
DisplayFullSharedTime String
Shared boolean
LabelsNames ArrayOfString Document’s labels
DocumentProperties ArrayOfDocumentProperty Each property if exists includes these attributes: ‘Name’ (string), ‘Value’ (string) and ‘Type’ (string).
Read integer Example: ‘true’, ‘false’
Permissions integer
ExternalReference string
Files ArrayOfDocumentFile Each attached file if exists includes these attributes: ‘Name’ (string), ‘DownloadUrl’ (string) and ‘Size’ (integer).

Sample Calls

GET /documents/search?Index={INDEX}&Count={COUNT}&Status={STATUS} HTTP/1.1
Basic - generated from base64 (encode) username and password.
Bearer - generated from accounts/token method.

Sample response (prettified for display here)