Get Contact List

Retrieves the contacts of a list.

GET /outbound/contacts/{id}


Name (bold if mandatory) Type Comments Default
id Number The ID of the List for which to retrieve data. None, mandatory.


If successful, a structure listing contacts is returned, containing the following properties:

Property Type Description
Company String The contact’s company
ContactID Number A unique identifier for the Contact
ContactListID Number A unique identifier for the List
Fax String The contact’s fax number
Person String The contact’s name
UserID String A unique identifier for the list owner
Voice String The contact’s phone number

Sample Calls

GET /outbound/contacts/{id} HTTP/1.1 
Basic - generated from base64 (encode) username and password. 
Bearer - generated from accounts/token method. 

Sample response (prettified for display here)

{"Company": "adasdsadsa","ContactID": 2061069,"ContactListID": 15086,"Fax": "0018666010559","Person": "dasdsadsa","UserID": "upload_docs","Voice": ""}

{"Company": "","ContactID": 2061070,"ContactListID": 15086,"Fax": "0018666010879","Person": "dasdsadsa","UserID": "upload_docs","Voice": "42343242"}