Search fax list

Search for outbound faxes.

Note: this operation will return individual faxes (i.e., /faxes resources) as well as child faxes of batches (i.e., /batches/{id}/children resources).

GET /outbound/search[ids={list of numbers}&reference={string}&dateFrom={datetime}&dateTo={datetime}&status={number}&userId={string}&faxNumber={faxnumber}&sortOrder={asc|desc}&offset={number}&limit={limit}]


Name (bold if mandatory) Type Comments Default
ids List of numbers List of comma-delimited fax IDs None
reference String The ‘reference’ parameter entered at submit time None
dateFrom Datetime Lower bound of date range from which to return faxes No limit
dateTo Datetime Upper bound of date range frrom which to return faxes No limit
status String May be a specific value from the list of possible fax status codes or one of the following: Completed = return only completed faxes, whether successful or failed, Success = return only successfully-completed faxes, Failed = return only failed faxes, Inprocess = return only faxes in process, All = return faxes of any status. All
userId List of string Limit returned faxes to these user ID’s. This parameter has effect only when the querying username is a “primary” user. None
faxNumber Faxnumber Limit returned faxes to this destination fax number. None
limit Number How many transactions to return. 25
offset Number Skip this many records 0


If successful, an array of outbound fax structures at a detail level of “full” is returned:

Property Description Detail Level
result summary full
id A unique identifier for the fax.
uri A unique resource locator for the fax.
status Fax status. Generally, 0= OK; less than 0 = in process; greater than 0 = Error (See Interfax Status Codes)
userid The submitting user.
pagesSent Number of successfully sent pages.
completionTime End time of last of all transmission attempts.
remoteCSID Receiving party fax ID (up to 20 characters).
duration Transmission time in seconds.
priority For internal use.
units Decimal number of units to be billed (pages or tenths of minutes)
costPerUnit Monetary units, in account currency. Multiply this by ‘Units’ to get the actual cost of the fax.
attemptsMade Retry attempts actually performed.
pageSize A4LetterLegal, or B4
pageOrientation Portrait or Landscape
PageResolution Standard or Fine
rendering Standard (optimized for black & white) or Fine (optimized for grayscale)
pageHeader The fax header text inserted at the top of the page.
submitTime Time when the transaction was originally submitted.
Always returned in GMT.
subject A name or other optional identifier.
destinationFax The resolved fax number to which the fax was sent.
replyEmail E-mail address for confirmation message.
pagesSubmitted Total number of pages submitted.
senderCSID Sender’s fax ID.
attemptsToPerform Maximum number of transmission attempts requested in case of fax transmission failure.
contact The text which was inserted into the Contacts property upon submission of the fax (available in select submission methods only).

Sample Calls


GET /outbound/search?status=Inprocess HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=


Search fax list with status “In process”

curl "" ^
	-u username:password

Search fax list. Limit to 2 results and skip 20 records each time

curl "" ^
	-u username:password

Sample response (prettified for display here)

   "id":ID (Numeric),