This is the simplest method to fax an attached file.

Formal Definition


Name Type Comments
Username String As provided during registration
Password String As provided during registration
FaxNumber String The destination fax number in standard international notation e.g. +44-207-3456789 
FileData base64Binary Binary data of the document.Note: Your development environment may automatically pick up this property’s data type and implicitly encode it in base64 without you needing to do so explicitly. For example, PHP5 does this.
FileType String The file type of the submitted file, e.g. TXTHTMLDOCPDF, etc. Can be any one of the file types supported by InterFAX. (If TXT, the character set is taken from control panel setting Preferences -> Outgoing -> Default text charset encoding.)


Name Type Comments
SendfaxResult Long In case of successful submission – the value contains a Transaction ID. In case of a failure, a negative value is returned. List of return codes is shown on Appendix A.