Python Fax – Get List of Inbound Faxes

 Download the Python samples fax API zip file.
 Download the Modified OSA files.

The GetList method allows you to display information for a number of submitted faxes.

The following Python fax snippet demonstrates how to retrieve a list of inbound (received) faxes with Python.

A simple script to get a list of received faxes
using the InterFAX GetList SOAP API call.

import osa

# Create a SoapClient with a link to the WSDL definition.
client =  osa.Client("")

print('Testing GetList...')

result = client.service.GetList(Username='', Password='', MaxItems = '20', LType = 'NewMessages')
get_list_result = result.GetListResult

if get_list_result == 0:

    message_items = result.objMessageItem.MessageItem

    print('   GetList returned with code {0} and {1} items'.format(get_list_result, len(message_items)))
    for current_item in message_items:
         for i in vars(current_item):
            item = getattr(current_item,i,"")
            print( "{}:\t{}".format(i, str(item)))
    print('   GetList returned with code {0}'.format(get_list_result))