Python Fax – Hide Transaction from Online Control Panel

 Download the Python samples fax API zip file.
 Download the Modified OSA files.

This sample demonstrates how to use HideFax with Python. This method removes a fax transmission from the outbound fax queue in the online control panel, while a record is still retained for billing and tracking purposes.

The Python fax snippet below allows you to hide a fax from the online control panel:

A simple script hide a fax using the InterFAX 
HideFax SOAP API call.
import osa

client = osa.Client("")

print('Testing HideFax...')

result = client.service.HideFax(Username='', Password='', TransactionID=614416600)  # Enter the TransactionID of transaction to hide from outbound queue.

print('   HideFax returned with code {0}'.format(result))