Python Fax – Resubmit a Transaction

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This sample demonstrates how to resubmit a fax with Python. Resubmitting a fax transaction is useful if you want to resend a previously-submitted Python fax (either to the same number or to a different one), without having to upload the file or to provide all the parameters again.

The following Python fax snippet uses the ReSendFax method to resubmit a fax transaction. You are required to specify the ID of the fax that needs to be resubmitted and the destination fax number, which can be a new number or the same number you used in the last transaction.

A simple script resend a fax using the InterFAX 
ReSendFax SOAP API call.

import osa

client = osa.Client("")

print('Testing ReSendFax...')

result = client.service.ReSendFax( Username='', Password='', TransactionID=614416600, FaxNumber='')  # Enter the TransactionId of the fax to re-send here.
                                                # Also, enter the destination fax number here.
print('   ReSendFax returned with code {0}'.format(result))