The InterFAX PCI REST API is a commercial subscription-based service, which follows the requirements for PCI-DSS compliance.

If you would like to use our standard REST API (the non-PCI version), please read our documentation here.

Available operations and resources

Operation & Resource Description
outbound faxes
POST /outbound/faxes

Submit a fax to a single destination number.

GET /outbound/faxes

Get a list of recent outbound faxes (which does not include batch faxes).

GET /outbound/faxes/completed

Get details for a subset of completed faxes from a submitted list. (Submitted id's which have not completed are ignored).

GET /outbound/faxes/{id}

Retrieves information regarding a previously-submitted fax, including its current status.

POST /outbound/faxes/{id}/cancel

Cancel a fax in progress.

POST /outbound/faxes/{id}/hide

Hide a fax from listing in queries (there is no way to unhide a fax).

GET /outbound/search

Search for outbound faxes.